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Presenter: Marie Deveaux, CEO & Founder of The Side Hustle Intensive
International Speaker and Leadership Coach. Trusted Consultant to:
EXCLUSIVE Training With Marie Deveaux
  • Why working harder and longer at the solopreneur grind will never lead you to create a sustainable business
  • ​Why you don't need an MBA or years of business experience to build a business with integrity.
  • ​How to scale a business right now even if you don't have another 20 hours in the work week to devote to a "side hustle"
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Working with Marie is a monumental milestone that I think every business owner should do especially if you are a solopreneur because it will force you to really take stock in what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, how you’re doing it, and focus on better ways to improve. Marie really supported me in staying grounded in reality. You hear people say ‘oh, I’m in business to help others’ and that’s great but at the end of the day you need to eat. I can’t do $5 websites. If I’m doing that, I’m just going from one slave owner to another. This is about being a real business owner, and that’s my ultimate goal.

Charlene Brown

Web/Brand Identity Developer

From the moment I had my first session with Marie – it was on! I organized my goals, wrapped my mind around what resources I had and which ones I needed to acquire, started leveraging my network more effectively, and within a few months, I had booked myself solid with paid engagements. Marie was there at every step, preparing for the presentations, giving me feedback, and most importantly helping me make the mindset shift I needed to get out of my own way. Could I have done this without her? Maybe, but there’s something special about spending time with Maire. Working together completely exceeded my expectations in terms of exposure, revenue, and client response. Working with Marie has been a game-changer!

Lara Zakaria

Nutritionist, Pharmacist, Health Professional

Marie is a master coach and knows how to bring out the absolute best in others. I have worked with Marie over the last 3 years, initially thru Own The Room where she helped me learn to be my authentic self in public speaking engagements. Since then, I have engaged Marie to help team members and colleagues remove their fear of public speaking – and she worked her magic. She has even helped job candidates I have referred, with their interviewing techniques and helping them to seal that job offer! I can’t say enough about the magic Marie brings to any communications challenge. And her skills and talents go beyond communications – To helping people practice resilience and bounce back from adversity to embracing uncharted waters. I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from the best = Marie Deveaux!

Judy Jackson

Global Head of Culture, WPP

I would highly suggest coaching with Marie for anybody, especially Black women who want to start their own business. I didn’t know anything like it existed! Side Hustle Intensive helped me break down all of the most important aspects that need to be handled for successfully running a business. It also helped provide community and accountability which is really important to me. I would highly suggest coaching with Marie for anybody, especially Black women who want to start their own business. I didn’t know anything like it existed. Side Hustle Intensive It’s a fabulous place to be in community and also learn some hard operational skills. I would say it is an opportunity for not just like business growth and building but like personal growth and building.

Brencia Berry

Director of Coalition, & Community Engagement

I appreciated the calming effect that Marie’s coaching program had on me, helping me to deal with the stress of running a business. I also learned the importance of working smarter, not harder, and trusting my gut more when dealing with business matters. Marie’s coaching has also helped me make significant changes in my business, such as building new marketing processes and sales systems, which have made running my business easier. I’m also learning to see marketing as a friend, rather than an adversary!

Merlyne Jean-Louis

Business and Entertainment Lawyer

This was an incredible gift of an experience you gave me. It has impacted me so greatly and I’m truly grateful. I just need to say in advance – I’m still basking in the learning from last weekend. I’m better now and will grow more in my craft because of you. I would describe it as a good strength training weekend for one’s facilitation muscles. This program is different because it integrates space for self-care and practices that support facilitation in a holistic way. It’s also experiential so you can put things into practice and get supportive feedback. Tremendously grateful. I really feel I can put so much into practice starting tomorrow. Looking forward to digesting and integrating. I’ve grown this weekend.

Heather K. Symone

Leadership Coach and Educator, Certified Life Coach

Marie is one of the smartest people I know, and she’s also one of the sharpest and impactfully critical. Her observations and insight have contributed to tremendous growth in my professional and personal life. She has helped me to identify and fully commit to my dreams as well as the goals and objectives it takes to manifest them. Marie goes beyond her service offerings and acts as a mentor and cheerleader for anyone in need. I truly cannot recommend working with her enough. I signed up for her Side Hustle Intensive during a huge life transition phase and set up the building blocks and pathway to fulfilling my life purpose. I would have been totally satisfied with the resources and learnings and confidence I gained from that experience; however, in the process, she’s also become lifelong co-conspirator helping me manifest my vision every step of the way.

Candace Taylor

Dream Doula, Revolutionary Mentor

This is a supportive and intensive workshop for people who facilitate via Zoom can find this beneficial to hone their practice in leveraging tools like AI, apps, somatics, and community knowledge.

Lyncy Yang

DEIB Consultant, Educator, Facilitator, ICF-Certified Trauma Informed Coach

It helps me to feel rooted in a tangible plan vs before when I was like, “I hope I can start a business.” It is ok to move away from full time work but not ok to jump without a plan. One of the things I’m taking away from here is a plan financially, to save up and move away from full time work, but also a plan to build up my business. Who are my other clients? Where are the other spaces I want to work in? How am I starting to plant seeds there, so in the fall I have certain things lined up, moving fully into business with clients that are part time or consulting. That is a tangible thing I look at multiple times a week.

Loretta Hickman

Education Consultant, Leader & Teacher Coach, Curriculum Implementation Advisor

I’m not stressed about money anymore. Marie, you’re a life-saver. Seriously, I feel inspired and in control about saving. like I have an emerging P&L and it makes sense.

Darnisa Amante-Jackson

Disruptive Equity Education Project

I feel like by the end of the Side Hustle class everything feels integrated – it all came together really seamlessly, really beautifully for me I actually didn’t expect how super-aligned I feel. I’m really proud of myself and of where I am as a whole person. I don’t know if that could have happened without this class. It has been amazing!

Arielle Ortiz

Life Space Coach and Organizer

The Side Hustle Intensive is a really beautiful gathering of Black women supporting each other as they build their businesses into their wildest dreams. It has a sense of community of women still in different places in their journeys with their businesses, but still able to come to a common space of being really committed to their businesses and understanding not only that we want to make them happen as our full time jobs, but that it’s personal for all of us too.

Christa Pratt


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